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For most of us, as we grow older, we also become more nostalgic. We fondly remember how we used to live, those things that were our everyday essentials, and how much we enjoyed living in our not-yet-connected world.
I remember dialing a telephone dial in order to call and speak with friends and family, and using my treasured portable typewriter to produce reports and other important school assignments on, a small bottle of White-Out nearby in case I hit the wrong letter.
Good times, indeed.
Well, for most of us. There are, unfortunately, some exceptions for whom a love of nostalgia brought them across the threshold of the Shopkeeper where the bargains they thought they found carried a far higher price than they’d ever have anticipated.

The Shopkeeper – Available NOW at Amazon

As I walk around the house during the day, I realize I neglected to get out and buy basket weaving supplies and materials before the world closed down. Needing something to keep me occupied, I cooked up an Android app, loaded it with stories (many of which never published before), links, podcasts… all kinds of stuff. No, this is NOT available on Google Play, but then I have no baskets for sale on Etsy either, so what can I say? It keeps me occupied.

H.P. Lovecraft died of cancer in Providence, RI in 1937. One might think that with his passing, the smallest state would return to normalcy, Elder Gods from otherworldly realms and other horrors no longer a concern to the residents..

One might think that, indeed. One might, however, be dangerously wrong…

Weird Rhody Authors

Find out for yourself on September 2nd… if you dare.

From the September 5, 2020 Warwick Post – Article


You’ll find links to all the books in these pages… and possibly a surprise now and then. You know, like a brand new story written as the pandemic raged on throughout the world.


We all have stories in us, some more needing to be shared than others… some best kept silent.


How did it all come about? It’s a long story, some 60 years in the making, but you will find it in here…

Rogue’s Gallery
Now Available! – Click HERE

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.

stephen king

A great collection, fluid and entertaining, to fill those moments when you want a quick read and have no time for something longer. The Devil, diners and deserted roads mix with strange mists and unholy work to lead the unwary – or the foolish – to a grim end. I enjoyed all of them, but my favourites were Cursed at the Crossroads and Twelve Forty-Five. Highly recommended.

Amazon Review for Thirteen

Brilliant set of 13 eerie and haunting tales. It’s one of those rare collections of killers with no fillers inside. My favourite story was “Cursed at the Crossroads” making legendary bluesman Robert Johnson subject of discussion. I also liked the stories the author set in the 50’s/60’s as they were so authentic and had a very special flair. “The Dot” makes you think back on childhood days when TV was black and white and the TV picture was fading away when switching off the set. “Fill ‘Er Up” is a great story on why the sun is shining, “Pie” makes you skeptical on every new diet food (it’s also the most brutal story in here). As I said, once you start reading this volume, you want to read all stories. Highly Recommended!

Goodreads review for Thirteen

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