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Everyone has a dark side, a side they keep entirely to themselves, even from their spouses and loved ones. I certainly do, and I’ve decided to put him to work.

His name is G.A. Miller, and he has a “Glass half full of cyanide, because that’s enough” outlook on life. Given his unique perspective, I’ve given him the keys to the “What If?” engine, and set him loose on the track.

I hand him the simplest of things, such as going out to dinner, and he returns a nightmarish outing, a fitting homage to the late, great EC Comics.

In fact, I’m working a new story about this now, where a part time writer gets a very old notebook from a stranger, and jots down story ideas into it. He returns to review his notes, and discovers completed stories, in someone else’s handwriting. Is our hero writing in his sleep, or does the book have a dark, sinister secret?

G.A. would know, but he’s not telling.

Not yet.

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