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The Tribe

One of the folks who was in the class I took created a group on Facebook, and about 10 of us have joined.

10 like minded individuals, all writers, and all influenced to some degree by Stephen King. We’ve begun posting work for the others to read and critique, which is a very helpful process.

I’m liking this, at least so far. I now have 4 out to various markets, and I believe participating in this group is only going to stimulate more and better work going forward.

Good stuff!

Meanwhile, “Ghost Writer” is finished, at least the first draft, and I’ll work on a second draft this coming weekend. It reads well, but I want to tighten it up, and incorporate more of what we learned in the class. It can only get better from here, right?

I just need to stay at the keyboard, and NOT put anything into any antique hand made notebooks…that would not end well at all, I fear…

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