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A very short break indeed…

“Ghost Writer” is complete…I’ve edited this one more than any of the previous ones, and I believe it is as finished as I can get it to be. It reads well, flows properly, and the editing programs I’ve run it through have identified the things I chose to change, as well as those I chose to leave as is.

In fact, I went out on a limb, and submitted it to one of the markets I found in Writer’s Market. Hello Horror…couldn’t ask for a better place to hope for a publishing debut, right?

Well, I suppose I could, but they’ve been gone for along time now, so…

Anyway, time to take a short break, and relax. I have a couple other things cooking on the back burners, but I want to approach them rested and fresh, not still full of the editing choices I made this morning for “Ghost Writer”. Maybe I’ll read for a while…

And then, maybe I’ll start scribbling something new instead…

Jake was unable to get back to sleep, so he decided to take a drive and get some breakfast at the diner near the highway ramps. That was the only option at 3 AM, but the food wasn’t bad.

As he drove through the village center, he saw a tall man walking in front of the dark storefronts.

The man glanced in his direction as he passed under a streetlight, and Jake was so startled, he swerved the Jeep, nearly clipping a parked car.

He made a fast U turn, parking in front of the closed stores, but the man was gone. He grabbed his flashlight and stood next to the Jeep, sweeping the light slowly along the dark, empty doorways, right hand resting lightly on his holstered Glock.

When the walking man looked at him under the streetlight, Jake recognized the face that haunted his childhood nightmares for all those years. The pale skin, narrow eyes, and impossibly wide smile full of razor sharp teeth.

The Steeplechase face.

The Bogeyman’s face.

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