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Huge progress today

I had an ‘Aha!’ moment the other day, and immediately jotted down some quick notes, which proved to be a lifesaver.

My new story, “Bogeyman” had some good scenes, but they were scattered. I needed the glue to bond them together, which was what that moment provided.

I spent the better part of six hours at the keyboard today, and have a solid first draft, nearly 7,000 words worth.

The thing now is to set it aside, forget about it as best I can for a while, then come back and read it through, fresh. That’s when the editing begins in earnest.

For now, sleep…and try not to dream about the Bogeyman.

Ah, Sunday morning, and my impatience rears its head yet again.

Reread “Bogeyman”, and immediately spotted things I’d overlooked yesterday, making changes and corrections as I went along. Ultimately read it through three times, and couldn’t find anything else that needed a retouch.

Next, added it to my Dark Imagination Kindle book, shuffled the contents around a bit to try and improve the flow, and recompiled it, finally checking it out in the Kindle Reader app.

Dayam, it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself! I cannot self publish it, as it contains “Ear Wax”, which will be appearing in an anthology this Fall, along with a number of other stories currently out for submission elsewhere, but I like it. A solid collection of 8 short stories overall. And I have to say, the quality does get better as I keep going, so let’s pick another subject…

Oh, wait…”Antisocial Media” is waiting in the wings…let’s go and see how Stu is doing.

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