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Bed & Breakfast…

Here in New England, a Bed & Breakfast is as much a part of the landscape as are trees and grass. They’re everywhere, especially in the locales that tourists frequent, a “homey” alternative to the cookie cutter hotels and lodges.

Most of these are pleasant, clean homes, run by the family that lives there, and provide a nice place to start a day of exploring and sightseeing. As with anything else, however, every rule has its exceptions…

Marion’s Rest, an old Victorian B&B on the outskirts of Carson’s Mill, has some…quirks that past guests have complained about. Like the foul odors that seem to come and go so quickly. Like those noises in the walls during the night. Like that funny taste in Marion’s bacon and sausage every morning for breakfast. Like Marion’s unsettling stare, especially with her two different color eyes.

What the hell is in those walls, anyway?

This one is off to a good start. Got two scenes going well, and a boat load of ideas for back story, expansion, and character arc. This is going to be a good ride, and I’m going to let the story drive.

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