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In the library stacks…

Well, using Google anyway.

In just a few short months, I’ve done 17 pieces, ranging from a shorty of about 400 words to a three part novella at 20,500 words.

In other words, not slacking off too much.

Now, I’m digging in to do some research on a more ambitious tale that not only spans a century, but foretells what comes down the road. This will lean heavily on the history of music, so I’ll be using what I know, as well as what I learn.

(And what I make up…ah, fiction!)

All musicians are familiar with the legend of Robert Johnson, a blues man of average talent until he disappeared for some time, and returned with an unnatural ability to play. He was said to have met the Devil at the Crossroads, and sold his soul in exchange for his incredible skill.

What if there were another blues man who was offered the same deal, but turned it down. Would the angry Devil have said something he shouldn’t have about the future? And would that blues man have made one copy of a recording to try and warn people without putting himself at risk?


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