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Hang on and enjoy the ride…

Wow. That was a lot of fun! I had a plan for my new story about blues man Midnight James Johnson and his ill fated trip to the crossroads, but once I began the work, it took off in a completely different direction.

I just had to hang on and try to keep up with it, and what a fun ride it was…

As it turns out, I like the story that it wrote better than what I’d originally envisioned, so clearly a win on this one.

Just a little taste from the meeting at the crossroads:

“Then, tell me this, James. Why did you leave your guitar in that old barn back there?”

Midnight’s eyes felt wider than they’d ever been. How’d he know about that?

“You heard about me, and you heard how it works, James. You give me your guitar, I tune it, then I play it, then I give it back to you, and you play it like no man ever played it before.”

“And that cost my soul.” Midnight muttered softly, earning a wide smile from the huge man.

“A bargain, James. Tell me, does your soul feed you? Does it bring you wealth? Does it bring you women? Bah, it does nothing for you. What I can give you will bring you all those things and more.”

“My soul is ME. It’s all I am, and all I’s ever gonna be. No suh, Mistah Scratch…Imma keep my soul.” Midnight spoke defiantly in his rich baritone voice.

That smile faded as the man’s eyes grew wide, somehow brighter than they should be.

“James, I warn you. I don’t take rejection well. I came here to bring you what you wanted, and I expect to go away with what I want.”

Hope you enjoyed the little taste!

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