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Taking the next step…

It’s been an enjoyable ride, not just writing short tales of horror, but successfully having a number of them published, and reviewed favorably…back in January, I committed to a 12 month trial, to see how it would turn out, and I am pleasantly surprised so far!

I’d never have anticipated so much progress in the months that have passed!

As of this writing (11/11/2017), I currently have 13 stories out, submitted to different markets for consideration. I hope they’re not all rejected, but we’ll see in due time.

Now, the next step begins. I have an idea that I’d like to expand into a novel, so I’ll need to work on planning and plotting, something I haven’t done yet. My shorts have all been done on the fly, the story taking over and leading me through, but that’s not a realistic outlook for such a longer piece. I’ll step off from time to time as ideas for shorts pop up, and make sure I capture those, but for the first novel, I want to take my time, learning as I go.

I just used the phrase, “the first novel”…wow.

Here we go!

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