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Another trip back in time…

This time, we visit 1953, a fine September evening in a small New England town. Popular radio DJ Tommy Knight (Twilight with Tommy Knight, spinning your faves from dusk to starlight) is set and ready to surprise his waitress girlfriend Susie with a ring and a proposal after his dinner break.

Before he leaves, however, the studio is visited by a very unusual man bearing a story and a demo record. Tommy explains the rules concerning blind demos, but something strange happens to his engineer, and…well, we don’t want to give it all away, now do we?

I tried to set the stage for this one in a way that was both nostalgic, and also interesting enough to make the reader want to keep going…

As much as he hated the brutal winters, Tommy had to admit that there was no finer place to be than New England in mid-September of nineteen hundred and fifty-three. The days were comfortably warm, summer’s oppressive heat now gone, and evenings brought just a whispered hint of autumn waiting patiently to make its debut.
The air felt delicious as he drove to the radio station, both windows rolled all the way down. He passed a convertible heading the other way, and after a moment’s envy, smiled to himself as he patted the ring box in his jacket pocket.
I’ve got my convertible right here, he thought.

And there we have it…now to find a market where it would be a good fit.

Sleep well…

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