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Trust your gut…

I do. Always have, as a matter of fact. And that’s why I stopped trying to force a book out of a good story, because my gut said I was going to ruin it by forcing in content it simply didn’t need. “Writer, Blocked” told the story it needed to tell already.

I believe I’ll know when that idea, that story lands, the one that will require a full book to tell the tale, and that’s the book I want to write.

The right one, the one that needs to be written. The one that leads me through, rather than me trying to force what isn’t there. And I have the luxury of time to patiently wait for it to arrive when it does. Hell, I didn’t even start writing at all until I hit my 60’s, when the arthritis took away my ability to play stringed instruments.

So, I’ll be here, cranking out the stories that occur to me, just like I did today. I had an idea the other day, took down the notes that would serve as the road map to follow, and wrote “Lucky Buck” today. Even made a mention of an antagonist from another tale, and set it in poor old Carson’s Mill.

I believe it’s good, and will make it better when I revisit it to edit and clean it up. And then, I’ll let it make the rounds.


I’ve been contemplating taking some good stories and self publishing my own anthology instead of constantly waiting and hoping for positive responses to my submissions, but the dilemma is that I am not a marketer/sales minded individual at all. Never have been, and at this age, never will be. I am a doer, not a seller.

So, sure – I can assemble the manuscript, I can even design and layout my own cover for it, but then what? That is my dilemma, and unfortunately, my gut has not weighed in with an opinion yet.

I’ll be right here when it does, ready to go.

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