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It is Easter Morning, but…

Rather than using this time to relax and reflect, I’ve decided to take advice that I’d asked for and received.

I did an overhaul of my novella, “Spirit of the Dead”, and sent it off for submission. Yes, I am still keeping a Plan B very much in play, now having the completed manuscript and cover finalized and ready to go, but I’ll continue along the traditional route, rather then self publishing, at least for a while.

I asked that question of a publisher who I respect, and he was kind enough to point out his reasons to stay the course, at least for now. His comments and explanations made perfect sense, particularly with regard to investing the time necessary to build a following, which then creates the audience for future works.

One cannot argue with good, sensible, logical points, particularly from a respected publisher, and I certainly will not.

So, off it goes, joining the 11 short stories that are currently making the rounds at various publications. Here’s hoping some good news will begin appearing in the inbox soon!

And now, I believe my wife can use a hand in the kitchen…Happy Easter and/or Passover to those who celebrate.

Sleep well…

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