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Saturday morning…

Weekends are the best time for me to write. The house is quiet, breakfast is finished, and I can dig into what I’m writing, immerse myself in it, and hang on when it takes over.

Love it!

Today, I’m working on the new short story first, with plans to make some progress on the book later on. This story is fun, as it’s in response to my self issued challenge to come up with a different twist on a vampire story, and it’s progressing nicely.

And then, there’s yesterday’s inclusion into a cell block, courtesy of T.G. Campbell…

Bow Street Society Writer’s Wing

OK, let’s get back to it…

He leaned forward in his chair, emphasizing his point.
“I’ll tell ya what you came to ask about. I’m a friggin’ vampire now. No idea how or when or why, but somehow I wound up dead and hungry. I got my first hint when I woke up after dark one day and the heart rate monitor on my watch showed two dashes where the numbers used to be. The rest of it, I’m figuring out as I go.”
My quiet nod of understanding seemed to calm him as he sat back and sighed, settling down again.
“Problem is, there’s no instructions, and there ain’t no teachers. Can I turn into a bat or a wolf or mist? Hell, I dunno, but if I can, I don’t know how. You’re the writer, did you ever see a ‘Dracula for Dummies’ book? The feeding, that’s easy. You get close to someone, you can hear their blood rushing and heart pumping and the dinner bell starts clanging, believe me. The feeding takes over all by itself.”

Hmm…I’m going to have to check on Amazon and see if they have that book, now that I think of it. Might be some interesting reading!

Sleep well…

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