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The Bookmobile From Hell…

It seems the Muse was sleeping today… or, maybe spending a day at the beach? In any case, I decided to try something new today instead of sitting in front of the TV, letting my brain dissolve into a fetid pool of sludge.

I created a new app comprised of all 43 short stories I’ve done so far.

Yeah, 43.

Needless to say, all that content adds up to over 51 megs, but…it is cool having my entire collection literally in my pocket! I went with an antique card catalog motif for the design, and I like it!

The composite photo is actually 5 screen captures from my phone, lined up together in Photoshop. Each story resides in its own “drawer”, and there is a menu that pops out from the side for those who want short cuts. Me, I like scrolling the drawers!

Here’s a detail of one of the drawers for the stories. I went with the font that looks like a typewriter with a ribbon on the way out to add to the vintage vibe.

Sorry, but this won’t be a public release, as I do hope to sell some of these stories to publishers! I want to have it on my phone for convenience, and possibly a sample for someone to read on the fly, and it was a fun exercise to put it together.

Tell you what… I have 10 or 11 stories out as we speak, at publishers like Gehenna & Hinnom, Cemetery Dance, and Amazing Stories, among others.

Let’s see how many acceptances I get, and then we’ll discuss releasing some of these stories, OK? Watch here and on the site for updates, and as always…

Sleep well…

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