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In Progress…

It’s been a while since I added a new post, so I thought a short update was in order. I’ve been setting up and moving into a new laptop, and i like the keyboard on this one more than my other one.

My previous laptop will be scrubbed and given to my wife, as hers is now seriously slow and lags badly. She’ll love the speed of the new (to her) one.

I went with the new HP Spectre (sorry, 007) based on the feel of the keyboard and the impressive specs. It’s a very solid machine, really fast, and the keyboard has a satisfying tactile response, much more so than the one on my Dell.

I looked into a laptop with a mechanical keyboard, like the old Think Pad model, but all they have now are models meant for gaming with hideous lights behind the keys and ridiculous price tags.

It also comes with a pen, and if you flip it over to use in tablet mode, you can transform the pen to the dreaded red pen to do your editing. When the Best Buy dude showed me that, I was sold.

Anyway, that has been taking a lot of my time, as I want to insure I leave nothing forgotten before I scrub the Dell and stage it for my wife.

Soon, I’ll be back to work here in the dungeon, putting my Muse back to the task.

Sleep well…

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