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Almost there…

I had the good fortune of having my novella, “Spirit of the Dead” read by an author whose work I respect, and took her advice, expanding on the original work. It hasn’t quite reached novel proportions, but as a novella, has filled out nicely. (Thank you, Steph!)

That story is now in the hands of a group of readers, folks I do not know personally, but are avid readers and fans of Stephen King’s work. I felt they were in a good position to offer critiques, given that background.


That’s the part I hadn’t considered before embarking on this journey, yet it is part and parcel of every single piece of work. Write that first draft, then wait, step away so that the read and edit will occur with fresh eyes. Rinse and repeat. Then, once it’s ready, send it off into the world and (you guessed it), wait for feedback, whether from advance readers or the publishers to whom you’ve submitted.

I need to get better at the waiting part, I must admit.

In any case, once I get, digest, and consider the feedback from those folks, I’ll make any necessary last minute changes and prepare for an entirely new learning experience.

Self publishing! Yes, “Spirit of the Dead” will be my first foray into the publishing experience, which will expose my most significant weakness. I am no marketer, and never have been. That will be an obstacle to content with, that’s for sure.

Once Spirit is out there, I’m planning to follow it up with a collection of my short stories, titled “Thirteen”.

I’ve cobbled together thirteen of my short stories that seem to play well together, and created this collection, which will also be released by year’s end. I hesitate because a couple of these stories are currently out as submissions to various publishers, and I want to give them a fair opportunity before I publish it out from under their feet, so to speak.

Fair is fair, after all.

While I don’t think Mr. King has anything to worry about, I do feel my work is worth a read, and honestly believe folks who enjoy horror and the original Twilight Zone will find something to like between these covers. I’ve had the good fortune of having my work appear in numerous print publications, on various websites, and also narrated on podcasts.

So, I want to get it out there and see how it fares on its own merits…that is my immediate goal.

In the meantime, I’m also working on my first attempt at a novel while all this is going on… when the Muse speaks, I try to listen and pay attention.

As always, sleep well…

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