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As 2018 comes to a close, I’ve been setting the pen down in order to spend time (and a fair amount of money) setting up a photographic venture for my wife and myself, as taking photos is something we both love to do, and was one of the things that first brought us together.

I’m not stopping my writing… in fact, I have 2 new stories in progress at the moment. I simply won’t be as active, particularly on the social media channels, as usual in order to spend the time I need to invest in learning my new gear, as well as organizing a portfolio and a new website on our new domain.

I have decades of experience shooting, both as an avid hobbyist and semi pro, but the advances in technology inherent in my new camera will take some time to properly learn. In other words, this ain’t no Kodak Instamatic:

The D500 is the flagship model in the Nikon DX line, and has more computing power and associated options than many desktop computers I’ve had in the past. This camera is an absolute delight to use, the most so since my beloved F4 was in days gone by. I hated giving that up, but film cameras were dropping in value by the hour, and good labs to process slide film were becoming very rare (and very expensive), so I had to cross over to digital.

And so, as 2019 rolls in, my new tales will continue to appear when finished, just not as frequently as they have in 2018. This has no bearing on my previously stated frustrations with waiting for responses (a difficult aspect to the writing game for all) whatsoever, it’s just the limitation of 24 hour days on one who sleeps, works full time, and then writes, codes websites, takes photographs, reads books, watches seminars… and enjoys the company of his spouse.

Timeshare… a descriptive phrase, much more so than defining a vacation destination.

A safe and happy new year to all!

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