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Sometimes, dead is better…

Been a while… I’ve decided to step back out of the flow for now because my not so dark half’s work environment is becoming more and more stressful of late, and the escape my writing used to provide has exacerbated that stress.

Not the writing. No, the writing is and always has been an enjoyable escape as I begin with an idea and let the tale take over and lead me to where it wants to go. That part is absolutely a fun ride.

The stress comes in with my lack of patience. Let’s be honest, I don’t mind rejections at all. Seriously, if my wife and I got to dinner, she might order a seafood meal while I order a nice Veal Parmesan. She hates veal about as much as I hate fish, but that is perfectly fine. We like what we like as do the editors to whom the stories are submitted. If it’s not for them, that’s absolutely fair.

No, the stress comes into play when you’re left in the cold so often, no response whatsoever to your work for very long periods of time. That gets me going because it’s so widespread. Between waiting for results on submission, waiting for reviews on published work (good or bad, at least say something!), waiting, waiting, waiting. (With some very notable exceptions, such as Steph and Stuart at The Horror Tree who have always been prompt in getting back on submission decisions)

That’s the part that introduces the stress, and when coupled with the Draconian management practices that have surfaced at my work of late, it’s too damned much.

Something’s gotta give.

So, for the time being at least, I’m going to step off the merry-go-round. Yes, I’ll write when the idea strikes me, but I’ll just file the work away for another day. Who knows, I might just overhaul the website and put them all up for anyone who might like to check them out… I don’t know at this point.

For now, I’ll just hang the sign in the window.

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