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Good Stuff…

The return from the abyss is progressing nicely…

I have a new Drabble coming to Trembling With Fear at the Horror Tree in September *and* a new story titled “Red Eye” also slated to appear there later on as well.

The Warwick Post, a local newspaper in Warwick, RI reached out to ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors) seeking no more than 6 short stories for an ebook compilation that will be offered to new subscribers. My story “Blind Demo” will be one of the 6 stories in this compilation.

My latest story, “Prey” is a reflection of New England summers, where everyone heads to Cape Cod or other beaches on the shore. This summer has been affected by an unusual number of Great White shark sightings, particularly in the waters off the beaches on the Cape.

That led to me wondering… What If those sharks were the least of the problems suddenly facing coastline residents?

I found one of those residents to have similar feelings to my own with regard to beaches…

Just past Abe’s location, Bill Barton waved to the young neighbors walking past his summer cottage.
“Looks like you kids have plans for the day,” he smiled.
“We’re going to the beach, Mr. Barton. Wanna come with?”
“I’ll pass, thanks. Lie on the sand, set a timer for burn, blister or Melanoma, then take a refreshing dip in the ocean along with the great whites and flesh-eating bacteria? What’s not to love, right?
I have a nice cardbordeau chilling in the fridge, I believe I’ll set right here and enjoy some with my crosswords. You kids have fun.”
The couple laughed and waved as they moved on. They enjoyed chatting with Bill, never knowing what he’d say, always with his deadpan delivery.

Fun stuff indeed! “Prey” is being looked at by a publisher at the moment, and if it’s selected, I’ll update where and when it will be available.

Sleep well…

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