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The Train People…

We live near a plaza that features restaurants, retail stores, and a commuter rail station. The problem is that there is only one way in or out of this plaza on the north and south sides of the road, so when a train comes in, the flood of commuters trying to make their way out is staggering.

That’s where “The Train People” comes from, but then when you factor in the “What If?” element that I’m so fond of, you hear kids chanting in the schoolyard…

“Late at night, through the rain, come the people from the train…”“They don’t speak, they move slow, and it is to your house they go.”

When little kids are teased, they turn to the safety of home and family for support and understanding, right? Let’s see how Joey’s father explains it to him…

” Kids started saying that the boarded up station was haunted, which started the legend that a ghost train would pull into the abandoned station on stormy nights, and all the victims that were lost in the bridge collapse would get off and wander through the town, searching for new passengers to drag to the station and board that train. That’s where the name ‘train people’ came from.”

Ah, now we’re getting into more interesting territory!

Sleep well…

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