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Focus is off…

It’s difficult, at best, to stay focused on writing during this crisis we’ve all found ourselves in. Along with the usual distractions of email and social networking, we now add the constant news updates and the pervasive sense of anxiety that surrounds us, the not knowing where we’re heading, the complete and total lack of faith in Washington (speaking for myself), and the lack of anything even resembling control in our daily lives.

To those who can push all this aside and work, possibly even using it within your work, I salute you. I’m not having much success, my mind going off on tangents far and away from the task at hand as it does.

Luckily, I managed to finish a first draft on a new story with a new antagonist in it. I suspect I’ll be seeing him again as time goes on, given that Demons aren’t as prone to the ravages of age and disease as we mortals are.

I’ve also completed the final (I HOPE!) edit on the hardcover collection, “Walk In The Dark”, and hope to release that into the wild later this year. I’m waiting on proofs with the final corrections in place, and will continue once those have arrived and been read cover to cover.

Beyond that, who can say? All we can do is wait and see…

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