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Isolation Diversification

Quite the mouthful, but actually quite simple. As the world is living in closed quarters to try and prevent the spread of the pandemic, I’ve given some thought to expanding my horizons a bit.

To that end, I’ve assembled a new collection, a much larger one than my previous releases, and titled it “Walk In The Dark”

This new book will be available both in eBook and Paperback print on demand formats, and is being handled through a number of different outlets, such as Apple Books and Barnes & Noble.

Where this collection does include my complete Novella, “Spirit Of The Dead”, Amazon will not carry this book as their rules prohibit adding a new title that contains material already available in a different title.

OK, I get it. I don’t necessarily agree, but they own the ball, so if you want to play, it’s by their rules. I will insure that I make some provision for readers that want to have this on their Kindle devices or applications one way or another.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the eBook format is new, and I like the look of it. The paperback copy will follow traditional print formatting, as shown here:

Different, yes, but it still looks good… well, I think it does, and I hope you’ll agree!

The eBook is starting to appear at various stores right now, found here. and you’ll be able to find the paperback edition here as well as other retailers to be added once release has been finalized. I do know that Amazon and Barnes & Noble are on the list that the print copy will be offered to, but the Lulu link is guaranteed to be able to provide a copy.

The print copy of the book runs 366 pages. It includes some material that is available in the current Amazon collections, some new material never offered elsewhere, some Drabbles that have appeared on the Horror Tree, and the full novella. My goal was to assemble a very strong collection of stories in hopes of attracting new readers, and I hope that works out!

Now I can return to my new dilemma. I’ve just completed a new story that teeters on the line between short story and novelette, and I have it ending on a cliffhanger, allowing each reader to interpret what happens on their own. So, do I continue the story and resolve the cliffhanger and see where it heads next (as well as how long it becomes), or do I release it as is and let it serve as the introduction to a new antagonist?


As always, do sleep well…

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