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Watching the wheels…

John Lennon wrote that when he needed to take a step back and get off the merry-go-round. I can appreciate that, as I’ve done the same thing.

I had an onset of anxiety, and had to address the things I could impact. While I can’t make COVID-19 go away and restore what I used to know as normal, or impose some sense of reason and sanity to the malignant morons in Washington, I could step away from self-imposed deadlines and practice social media distancing.

And doing those things have helped.

I’ve basically put G.A. Miller into a box and set him aside in the dungeon for the time being and spent time watching interesting TV documentaries, just watched the Invisible Man this morning, and have been hanging out with my wife in our backyard, consuming mass quantities of beer in the process. In a dark world, having a Dark Half can become overbearing.

Much better. The anxiety has receded back into its hiding place, no longer domineering the day, and I like that a lot.

In other news, I became SO aggravated with my hair and the lack of available barbers that I bought a trimmer and asked my wife to have a go at it. She did try her best, especially where she’s never cut hair and has no formal training, but the first attempt at trimming the lower and cutting the upper resulted in a distinct resemblance to a mushroom.

Not exactly what we wanted.

So, the only logical thing to do was to simply take it all off and start over. By the time it grows to an annoying length, there will (hopefully) be an option to go see my barber, Steve again.

I thought I’d give the Kojak look a try for a while, but I’m not crazy about it, and my wife dislikes it, so hair will be permitted to return. Right now, we’re in early Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet stage.

Oh, before anyone says it… it’s not Breaking Bad, it’s Breaking Wind. Different chemistry altogether.

Stuart (the Horror Tree) emailed me on Sunday with the info on the winner of our May giveaway, so it was off to the post office this morning to mail the winner his books.

Once I got back, I learned I had a free rental available on FIOS, so I chose The Invisible Man and closed the curtains to block out the sun and watched the movie.

I liked it. I agree with the critics who raved about the performance Elisabeth Moss delivered, and I nearly cheered at the final twist at the end of the movie.

Nope, no spoilers here. Go rent it. You’ll enjoy the twist too.

When I get back to it, I’ve taken a new story about a Cambion (half human, half demon) and begun expanding it beyond short story length. I expect I’ll revisit that with fresh eyes and see where it takes me before I start anything new.

OK, gotta go do a couple chores now.

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