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Ramble On…

I believe it’s time to catch up, to offer some degree of explanation as to what’s going on. I’ve stepped away from AntiSocial Media because it’s entirely contrary to what I am working toward for myself. I deal with depression and anxiety, and sites like Twitter and Facebook are absolute breeding grounds for division, deception, hostility and hatred.

There are some very good people there, some of whom I have befriended, and a robust community of fellow writers all supporting each others efforts, but you have to sift through pan loads of shit to find the nuggets of gold, and it is wearing me down.

So, I’ve deactivated both sites. If I don’t sign back in within a 30 day period, they will be gone. I honestly don’t know yet whether or not I will. For now, I’m enjoying the peace of being in the moment and working on my writing.

I’ve begun studying meditation courtesy of a gift subscription to from the good folks at American Express. As a cardholder, I’ve received a full year’s subscription, and should I choose to take another year beyond that, it will be half the normal price. Amex is looking out for the folks caught up in the complete destruction of all we’ve ever known to be normal, and they have my thanks for that.

I’ve never thought I’d be open to anything like meditation, bad boy that I’ve always been, but when the rare moment comes that you are immersed in nothing, there is a sense of total calm unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. For those anxious, nervous, depressed, frightened… give it a whirl!

I recently learned that Stephen King’s book “Misery” began as a short story, which didn’t surprise me as much as I thought it would. I’ve recently completed a long (for me) short story and yet… it was clearly not done with me.

It would not get out of my head, especially where I purposely ended it on what can only be described as a cliffhanger, which is unusual for me. As of this morning, it’s north of 18,000 words, well into Novella territory, and I still don’t know where it’s going to take me.

I get an idea for a part or even something as simple as a phrase I want to put into a conversation, and once I begin typing, it takes off and I just follow along. When or how it will end, I do not know. I trust I will know what I need to know when the time comes.

I’ve also received an invitation to be part of an anthology, which I deem quite an honor when I consider the talents of those already on the list. I’ve submitted a strong story that I believe meets the criteria, and I hope will earn their approval. Time will tell.

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