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This Weekend…

Yes, I believe we’ll be ready to launch this weekend, the 4th of July 2020. The site is taking shape nicely, now at the stage of fine tuning. The heavy lifting is finished and I’m getting accustomed to the new block editing method in place here at WordPress.

I have completed the new short story titled “Great-Aunt Grace” that I composed for “Inferno”, the new anthology being assembled by Stephanie Ellis and David Shakes ( It was an honor to be invited to join the roster of talented authors she’d assembled, and my focus was on delivering precisely what she was looking for. It’s in her hands now, and I await her response at her convenience.

Once I’ve launched the site, I can return to work on the story that will not end

Vralyk started as a short story, and in fact was my first thought for Steph’s anthology, but at 7400 words, it ran a bit longer than she was looking for, even though she enjoyed it. As I re-read it myself, the words began again, and it now sits at 18,200 words and is far from finished yet. Clearly in Novella territory now, I look forward to getting back in my seat to see where it will take me next.

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