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True Horror…

Just spent an hour holding and navigating the menu system to speak to an agent at Social Security, all to correct an error that I made. Remember the old joke about don’t assume, because it makes an ass of you and me?

It’s true.

I never bothered to learn anything about the whole Medicare system because, after all… that’s for old people, right?

Well, guess who hits that gate this coming Autumn? How the hell did that happen???

Anyway, I decided to select one of the Medicare Advantage plans to supplement Medicare and function more like the health care I always had during my working career. My mistake was to assume (there’s that word again) that since I am taking an advantage plan, I didn’t need Part B, so I signed and returned my card attesting to such.


To get an advantage plan, you HAVE to have part B.

Long story short, one needs to acquire a government form and fill it out requesting reinstatement, using the Remarks section to explain the error and send it in. Then, you follow up with a call to insure receipt, a lengthy verification process to insure you are who you say you are, and finally they’ll verify the form was indeed received, and the change will be implemented.


Word to the wise – when you hit the “I can’t be that old already!” bracket, take NO action without verifying and clarifying what you need to do in order to get what you need!

On a more positive note, I finished work on a manuscript this morning that has been placed in the vault for the time being. It’s another collection of short stories and drabbles I’ve written, some very recently, and many of which have been sent along to the good folks at the Horror Tree. I will wait until all those accepted submissions have made their debut on the Horror Tree, and then will make this available on Amazon as a Kindle release.

I think they work well as a set, and the flow feels natural. A couple of the stories are older, but haven’t been published elsewhere, and then the new ones do address the pandemic in… interesting ways. (Insert creepy chuckle here)

With these things now finished, I’m going to get more coffee. A LOT more coffee.

Sleep well…

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