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In The Pipeline

Time to review current projects, where they stand, where they’re off to and such.

First of all, I was honored to be invited to participate in a project by Stephanie Ellis and David Shakes. They’ve produced a number of anthologies under the Infernal Clock banner, and they’re gearing up for a new one to be called Inferno, based on the circles of Hell as described by Dante. I’d originally chosen a story I wrote recently about a Cambion (half demon, half human), but at 7400 words, it was outside the window they’re looking for.

I wrote a brand new story titled “Great-Aunt Grace” based on the first ring of the ninth, deepest level of Hell, where the sinners are condemned for treachery to family. I made sure the characters lived up to the expectations old Dante would have imposed and brought the story in at 4100 words, just the sweet spot of word count they were seeking.

I’ve collated a batch of my newer work, added just one or two older pieces that were never published, and wrapped it up into a collection I called “Full Moon Digest”, with a planned release this fall. I have to wait on this one because some of the contents were submitted to my good friends at the Horror Tree for the Trembling With Fear column that appears every Sunday. In so doing, I grant them first publication rights of the work, so the new collection will release once all those submissions have made their debut on the Horror Tree.

Speaking of the Horror Tree, I just wrote a new drabble for them yesterday titled “The Mask”, in which I tried to illustrate the discomfort of wearing a mask in public, along with the absolute necessity of doing so.

Circling back to that Cambion we mentioned earlier, his story is not done with me just yet. That short story was lengthy at 7400 words, but has now expanded to over 18000 words.

And he’s not done with me just yet.

I was working feverishly on that when I stepped away to compose “Great-Aunt Grace” for the anthology, so I need to get back into that head space and return to those people in order to resume work on that one. I may need to wait a week or so, as we have a home renovation in progress right now. Once the ceilings and the new doors are painted, I need to install new lighting fixtures and all the door hardware for the handle sets up there. I’ll be setting the keyboard aside and using my drills instead for the next week or so.

But, once that’s finished and gets the seal of approval from my wife, I’ll be back at the story to see where it’s ultimately going to take me.

Sleep well…

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