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Challenge Accepted

A very interesting request came across the Wi-Fi yesterday… would I be willing to write a one page short for a website’s Halloween edition geared to a reading audience comprised of children aged 5 to 16?

In other words, the very age group I’d normally be inclined to shield from my usual work!

This came right on the heels of writing a story for an upcoming anthology based on Dante’s circles of Hell,

where I chose circle 9, ring 1 in which sinners are imprisoned for treachery to family. I set my story in modern times but insured that I incorporated the proper elements from Dante’s work and added scenes that would absolutely not be suitable for readers aged 5 to however old I was when I discovered EC Comics, for which this story would be a very good fit.

But… it occurred to me that if even one child reads and likes the piece I was asked to do, and that led them to read another, and then another beyond that, we just might contribute to a lifetime of enjoying reading.

There are no better rewards than that.

I did a one page piece, careful to write to the reading level of the intended audience, and the lady that runs the site absolutely loved it. I built a growing sense of unease and then resolved with a surprise and happy ending.

No demons were summoned to make a guest appearance in this one.

Here’s hoping the kids enjoy it!

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