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Pencils Down

No, we haven’t reached the time limit on a proctored test… I just can’t hold both a pencil and a drill at the same time and produce results with either one that even approach accuracy.

The upstairs renovation is close to done now. Just a bit more filler, sanding, painting to go, and then I can install the locksets in the doors as well as the hallway light fixture.

I did get the fixtures installed in the rooms, and I really like the low profile, especially given the small size of the rooms.

These are LED fixtures, and you can select 3000, 4000, or 5000 K luminance, anything from warm light to bright blue light.

Floors are in, molding installed, and the chair mat that will protect the new floor is napping in the ample sunshine this morning, waiting for the desk and chair to make their appearance.

We carried the flooring right through both rooms and the small hallway that connect them for a nice even flow. These two rooms will ultimately become my wife’s indoor she shed, one room dedicated to crafting and the other a sitting room, lamp, chair and ottoman creating a perfect reading nook.

I think… no, I know! I know we’re at a place now where I can sneak into the office and do a little more work on my Christmas project. Yes, it’s July, the temps are supposed to hit 92 with very high humidity today, but the office is indoors and the central air is working perfectly.


So back to work on a private release that will be a short run and done to be given to a few select friends for Christmas!

Sleep well…

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