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Nothing to see here…

Nope, move on along, there’s nothing to see here. Books? What books? One of the books you think you see won’t be released until the fall, probably around Halloween, and the other one you don’t see on the left, that won’t be released at all, not now, not ever.

Nope, it may well be discovered beneath a few decorated trees after Halloween, when snow is in the forecast and people are trying to resolve how to arrange a family get together after the abysmal failures from the attempts a month before, that big old turkey on the table, surrounded by so many side dishes…

But they really don’t exist. Today is the beginning of a heat wave in this neck of the woods, maybe dehydration is causing hallucinations? A nice tall glass of icy water would be in order, don’t you agree?

Wow, now I’m seeing them too. OK, I’m heading to the kitchen to set my tall glass under the spigot of the water cooler and fill it, drain it, rinse and repeat!

It’s OK. We’ll all be fine. Drink water. Lots of water.

Sleep well…

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