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The Mind

Those of us around my age remember the anti-drug campaign that showed an egg being cracked and poured into a hot fry pan as the narrator said, “This is your brain on drugs. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

They were right. It absolutely is a terrible thing to waste, but it’s more than that.

I’ve started taking up guided meditation as a means to offset the depression and anxiety that has plagued me for a few years now, and it’s surprisingly effective. More so than I expected.

At first, I was skeptical. Years ago, my wise ass response would have been to make a comment about sitting in a desert and staring at a rock, but now? Not so much.

Let’s backtrack a bit. In the year 2019 BC (Before Covid), I had a couple sessions with a therapist, but just didn’t click. I didn’t think it was a good personality mix, and I wasn’t reaping any benefits from it. My doc has me on a daily happy pill, but these visits didn’t really make any progress with feeling better.

Earlier this year, I got an email from American Express, offering a free year of full membership in an online program for guided meditation to help members deal with the impact the pandemic is having on us all, so I decided to give it a try.

Turns out, I like it a lot. It’s refreshing to learn how to remain centered as the carousel of thoughts in your head spin around. You learn to just let them pass on by and hang out in the background instead of grabbing onto them, focusing on them and worrying about how to act on them. You learn to simply accept that you are exactly where you should be, doing exactly what you need to be doing, and that’s perfectly OK. The sense of calm you experience is just what the doctor ordered.

Simple, yes. Powerful, Hell yes!

About a month in now and getting more from this than I did from the therapist I’d seen. (I won’t be going back.)

So, let this post serve as both a public thank you to the good folks at American Express for making this available to their customers, as well as a tip to the few and the proud that actually read these ramblings of mine. If the world around us is becoming too much to bear, look into guided meditation. Find free sessions online, and at least give them a try. You have nothing to lose and possibly much needed peace of mind to gain.

As Sean Connery said to Kevin Costner in “The Untouchables”, ‘Here endeth the lesson.”

Sleep well…

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