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RIP Gehenna & Hinnom

As Stuart Conover reported in today’s column in The Horror Tree, C.P. Dunphey sent a mass mailing to all his contacts to announce that Gehenna & Hinnom Publishing was closing their doors.

I won’t go into detail here as much of the hardship he’s enduring that caused the closure is highly personal; suffice it to say it’s truly a case of horrific events occurring to an honorable young man who doesn’t deserve to be in the position he’s found himself in.

I’ve known Charles since he launched Gehenna & Hinnom and have found him to be a role model in terms of his integrity and his dedication to the craft. He had a very clear vision for his goals, and worked tirelessly to shape his publishing company to align to those goals, and many writers were the beneficiaries of seeing their work appear beneath that banner.

I speak from experience here, having been one of those writers, you see. Charles granted me my first acceptance of a submitted story which had the distinction of appearing in Hinnom Magazine’s debut issue.

He enabled me to add a new item to my resume soon after, using another of my stories for his “Year’s Best Body Horror 2017” release. As he clarified his publishing goals and my writing style developed, my work took a path that didn’t align with the more Lovecraftian themes that Charles was promoting, but we remained in touch and remained friends as we each followed our own paths and grew within the writing community.

I have reached out to him personally to offer any means of support I have available, and I sincerely wish him nothing but better days ahead as he passes through the things he’s enduring now.

C.P. Dunphey and Gehenna & Hinnom Publications will always hold a very special place in my heart, no matter what the future holds.

One comment on “RIP Gehenna & Hinnom

  1. Sad news indeed. I did not receive the email notification, but knew that C.P. has been dealing with personal/family problems from some posts on the G&H site. Had no idea just how bad it was, though.

    C.P. did his utmost to put out a high-quality product and had an unwavering vision of where he wanted to take G&H. His publications were head and shoulders above the competition. I can’t speak for other authors, but he showed respect and integrity in his dealings with me. He even had kind words for stories he rejected.

    The small/indie press world runs on enthusiasm, dedication, and razor-thin margins. Not all publishers conduct themselves ethically when the going gets tough. This was never the case with C.P. He really gave it his all, and it’s shattering to learn how dearly it cost him.

    Being part of G&H was a pleasure and an honor. I hope C.P. finds a way out of these dark times.


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