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Oops… I just realized this morning that I’ve been remiss and haven’t posted anything here in a few days now.

Mea culpa.

It’s because the ideas have been flowing quite well, and I’ve been writing up a storm over these past days. In fact, the new story I started only yesterday is currently at 3030 words. Hence the title for this post.

And that’s how it begins. The son of an author comes to the place his father used as a writing retreat for the first time in many years, planning to put the property up for sale, but…

Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You’ll find out why once the story is finished and finds a home to be available for reading. The working title right now is The Cabin By The Lake, so we’ll see if that changes as the story progresses.

That’s it for now. Work to do, words to write.

Sleep well…

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