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What a ride it has been! I just looked when I signed in here, and my last post, titled 3030, that I did about the new story that has possessed me was a mere three days ago. That 3030 referred to the word count on Saturday.

I just closed Word, having completed a first draft, and my word count today is slightly north of 15.500 words.

Three days.

This story gripped me from the start, flooding my mind with images, ideas, characters… there was no letup. I knew from the start that it would be largely from the Twilight Zone sphere of influence, but I needed to spice it up with a touch of Stephen King’s influence. And that’s what brought Aleister to mind. I picture him as a mix, using Christopher Lee’s height and powerful voice, but with the painfully thin build of Peter Cushing in his cadaverous role as Arthur Grimsdyke. He’s a pivotal character, but not the primary antagonist.

It’s clearly a character study, a tale of two men you’ll come to know quite well, cast together under highly unusual circumstances to follow through on the task at hand, no matter the cost.

Yep, I designed a cover for it too. Where it will go from here, I don’t know. I need to step away from it for a while, especially where it’s been locked in the forefront of my thoughts for the last few days, and then come back to it fresh, so I can read through it and make any necessary error corrections I come across.

Overall, though, it is nice to be back home. That cabin on the lake has it’s… moments.

Sleep well…

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