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Productivity amid Chaos?

Well, it seems so, anyway. I took stock this morning of the work I’ve done so far in 2020 (a.k.a. the year the world ended), and between the drabbles I write to contribute to my friends at the Horror Tree, the short stories of varying length, and now the newest work, “The Cabin On The Lake” which falls between a very long short story and a short novella, I’ve done 24 completed works thus far.

That makes up a lot of time spent spilling letters onto the page and trying to assemble them in something resembling a cohesive order. More than I’d realized, in fact.

I’m sure that my hermit’s existence has something to do with that. Between my age and a couple of medical issues, I’m in the unenviable group of those that the coronavirus will more severely impact, so my time away from the house has been extremely limited.

I make quick runs to the grocery for food, to the pharmacy for prescription refills, and to the liquor store for beer.

Lots of beer.

And that’s it. We haven’t been to any restaurants, much less our favorite since sometime in February now, have taken no spur-of-the-moment day trips with our camera bags loaded in the SUV, nothing, nada, zilch.

And so I write. I write more often than usual.

I’ve also taken up meditation as a means of keeping some vestige of sanity intact, and it has been helpful. Just a little time each day to practice leaves me grounded, calmer than usual. I’ve become very protective of my new practice, creating my very own Mantra for it…

My Mantra

What can I say? Even in the practice of meditation, I yam what I yam, as the brilliant philosopher Popeye would say.

And so, with a few of these new works out making the rounds, one already slated to be included in an anthology by invitation (a first for me), and a number scheduled to appear in the Trembling With Fear column at the Horror Tree over the coming months, I believe there’s only one thing to do.

Keep them coming. When the ideas come, capture them, the essence of them at the very least, and then sit with them and listen to them as they tell their stories so I can absorb them, write them, and add them to the roster.

That’s the plan. Let’s see how it goes.

Sleep well…

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