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Woke up this morning with an odd idea for a story, something well outside the realm I’m most used to working in, but… hey, it’s an idea, let’s explore it, right?

And so, I spent the morning carving it out, shaping it into an unusual tale, very much from the Twilight Zone department of my imagination, and then finished it after I’d taken a break to run some errands and have lunch.

I decided to poke around, see what’s going on, and I come across a brand new post on The Horror Tree:

And my jaw drops, just a wee bit, as I look at the picture in the contest, because it fits the story I just finished writing so closely, despite not having seen it beforehand! Needless to say, I head off to the site, insure I meet all the criteria such as formatting, word count, and so on, and off it went. I cannot say whether it will meet the editor’s criteria, but I see how this cover image represents the events in this short piece very well, so I believe it at least has a chance.

Good week so far. Wrote a new flash piece yesterday, which I sent off to the good folks at The Horror Tree for their Trembling With Fear column, and now this new story today and discovering a contest to ship it off to right afterward.

Is it time for a nap? I think it’s time for a nap.

Sleep well…

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