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The way I write is that I’m little more than a secretary, taking dictation from the narrator in my head, then doing the requisite spell checks, edits and so on in order to make a finished product. Nowhere in this process do I concern myself with the word count unless I’m deliberately crafting a drabble with a fixed 100 word limit.

Everything else is what it is once the story is told. And that’s how I find myself in a terrible place with a piece that is likely among the best work I’ve done thus far.

“The Cabin On The Lake” comes in at 15, 640 words. It’s too long for a short story, and shorter than most definitions of a novella in the criteria set forth by publishing calls. It’s a good piece, but it’s homeless.

I’m holding off on self publishing via Amazon in digital format because I’m a terrible marketer. I’d be wasting first publication rights by using it there, shooting myself in the foot in the process.

Not the best choice…

I’ve been searching markets, but I’m finding that this is a hard space to fill. Publishers want shorter counts for anthologies or longer counts for standalone pieces, and this falls in between. No, I won’t consider adding filler to beef up the word count, as that would distill the story with unnecessary stuff just to satisfy a number. The story is complete and takes the reader through to a definitive end, and that’s how it will stay.

I just need to find the right home…

I have a batch of new short stories, but I can’t assemble them together just now, as one will appear in an anthology and others have been offered to other publishers in response to their calls, so I have to wait for those responses to come back before I even consider that as an option.

As the title says… Frustrating.

Vent over.

4 comments on “Frustrating…

  1. A few places are looking for horror novelettes, either to publish whole or serialize:

    This last one only for writers from Utah OR writing about Utah… not sure if your work fits the bill.


    1. G.A. Miller says:

      Thank you for the suggestions! After writing that post, I also went looking, and was favorably impressed by what I read here –

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can recommend Branching Realities / The Abyss. Working with Bill is a pleasure.


      2. G.A. Miller says:

        Thank you again! I got a good feeling about those folks when I read their site, particularly the ‘About The Editors’ page. I tend to trust my gut, and I did send him a query, along with a copy of my novellette. I do look forward to his response.


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