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Back to the Mill…

It’s been a while since we visited the little village of Carson’s Mill, which featured so prominently in my novella “Spirit Of The Dead”, and some of my other short stories.

Well, it seems we’re heading back south to the Mill this week, tagging along with a journalist who was assigned to do “a fluff piece” (his editor’s phrase, not mine) for the newspaper he works for. As he walks the streets of the village to gather information and impressions for his article, he comes upon an antique store, where an item in the window catches his attention immediately.

It will be an interesting time for our journalist friend, who might reconsider his love of nostalgia and things from his long ago youth as events unfold… I can’t say anything more about those events, as they haven’t been written yet, but I can say we’re in for a fun ride.

And a creepy one… hopefully very creepy indeed. This is gonna be fun!

Sleep well…

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