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Or, that which occurs when distinct elements merge together to form an entirely new whole. It’s an interesting concept, and one I’m beginning to see occurring in my own work lately.

I sometimes wonder about that big bowl of Jello up there, hiding beneath my hair…

Where ARE you???

I try my best to get a peek under the hood, but I just can’t roll my eyes back far enough. You see, I think there’s some sort of… entity living up there, something that smiles knowingly each time we congratulate ourselves on a new idea or a piece of work coming to fruition, when all we’re really doing is following the bread crumbs that entity has placed along the path.

Let me explain. I finished a new story this morning, titled “It’s for you…”, and I’m very pleased with how it came out. Now, this story features a return to the village of Carson’s Mill in southern Rhode Island, a place that was a key part of my novella, “Spirit Of The Dead” some time back. It also features a memorable, but sinister character named Aleister Prince, who had a small, yet pivotal role in my recent “The Cabin On The Lake” story. His role in this tale is similar, but much fuller… and far more creepy by comparison.

Aleister shares characteristics with Angus Scrimm, the Tall Man in the Phantasm films, and also with Arthur Grimsdyke, the role brilliantly played by Peter Cushing in Tales From The Crypt. He’s very tall, very thin (to the point of being described as cadaverous) with deep set dark eyes recessed in dark, prominent sockets.

Yeah, you get the picture… this is one creepy dude! I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Aleister again at some point along the way, although I don’t know when or how that will occur… but I suspect that entity hiding up there in that Jello probably has a good idea.

We’ll find out when we find out.

Sleep well…

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