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Good Advice!

We’ve all heard the time-worn advice to not place all our eggs in one basket, old as the hills… but logical.

I just finished a batch of new tales, and now the task is to find them homes, one of the hardest parts of writing, yet a necessary evil. I considered what might be the best approach, and it came to me in the form of another old, often heard piece of advice…

Sure, that’s it. Find an original call that seems to suit each individual story, and off they go! I just submitted the newest one this morning and now comes the most troublesome part of all.

The waiting.

I think I’ll pour myself into some reading today and try forgetting about all those words spinning through the digital atmosphere if I can. Maybe I’ll get lucky and a new idea will tap me on the shoulder, allowing me to become possessed by a new tale to be told?


Time will tell, I suppose. Sleep well…

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