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Didja Know?

Had the headphones on, listening to some old tracks, and came across one that had me laughing my ass off.

Why is that? Well, I wonder how many writers have named a collection of their short stories after a song they wrote once upon a time? (In fact, another song on the same album is titled “Once Upon A Time”, but we’re not talking about that one right now)

Walk In The Dark

Yep, this new collection (available at Barnes & Noble) was named after a song I wrote for the last album I did with my friends before arthritis took away the flexibility in my hands…

Walk In The Dark by Crossroads
Whisper by Crossroads

On this track we have Al “Man Of A Thousand Voices” Costa on lead and backup vocals, Jack “Thor, God Of Thunder” Holeten on the drums and then the rest of the noise you hear (including the evil laughter here and there)… err, that would be me on guitars, bass and keys.

Oh, that female scream near the end? No, we’re not going to talk about that now.

Or ever.

Shhh, they might hear you!

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