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Something that happened today left me speechless, a rare state of being for a wiseguy like me.

I went to the bank to deposit a rather healthy check, the largest I’ve ever received in fact, from a gentleman that will be using one of my short stories in an anthology he’s putting together.

While I was there, my wife went to the grocery and did a large shopping, one of those where you’re surprised at how many bags can fit in the back of a compact sedan. We dutifully lugged all those bags in, and as she set about putting the food away, I took the receipt and entered it into the checking register, and it struck me.

The amount she spent for all that food was exactly 80 cents less than the amount I just deposited.

That means that all that food, which will feed our family for a while, came to us through imagination.

If there’s a more humbling moment than this, I haven’t encountered it yet. I am literally awed by our good fortune and extremely grateful for having so vivid and active an imagination as this!

One Stunned Dude and Godzilla eating a train

Gratitude and motivation are neck and neck in the race to top my emotional state right now… but I think gratitude will win the day.

To my peers, slaving over words here and there… I wish you all a similar moment to have and to savor. Keep writing!

As always, sleep well…

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