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Weird Rhody

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, as we know, and it also serves as the gateway to New England by virtue of neighboring Connecticut, part of the New York Tri-State region.

While it may be small, it still has its fair share of weird. You can count on that.

After all, the capital of the state was where H.P. Lovecraft called home. Weird is as much a part of our heritage as the beaches and lighthouses that adorn the shoreline.

I’ve joined with four other local authors and we’ve provided a peek at our little state, things you won’t find highlighted in any brochures from the Chamber of Commerce or AAA.

Weird Rhody cover

Weird Rhody collects five short tales from Rhode Island authors set in the Ocean State. Within its pages, a father meets a mysterious little girl during a trip to the beach, aging athletes explore the limits of superstition, a killer boasts superhuman abilities, a small town listens to a hauntingly influential tune, and a Grinch learns the hard way that you shouldn’t take the Christmas spirit for granted.

The tales come from Rhode Island authors Dennis, J. Kafalas, Paul Lonardo, Bob Sherman and G.A. Miller, and Rob Borkowski. The cover art, “Salty’s Chair,” comes courtesy of Mary Carlos. The authors offer brief introductions of their tales, focusing on the inspirations that brought them to life. Anthology editor Rob Borkowski provides an introduction referencing the legacy of famed horror writer and fellow Rhode Islander H.P. Lovecraft, for good or ill.

From the Amazon listing page

Our tales all occur in this little state of ours, and now YOU can read them for yourselves! Pull up a comfortable chair and read all about our very own little Weird Rhody.

Perhaps you’ll be inclined to come and visit? After all, Autumn’s not too far away now, and the changing of the leaves can be beautiful. If you enjoy fresh seafood, we’ve no shortage of that either.

And if you like weird? Oh, we’ve got that covered for you too. Indeed, we do.

Weird Rhody releases September 2nd, and pre-orders are available now – Pre-Order Here

We hope you enjoy your visit to our little state!

As always, sleep well…

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