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We Be Busy

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity here in the dungeon. I’ve written a few new short stories and then shipped them out to the most promising active calls for submissions. Now, we wait for the responses.

I’ve also had a bout with a bothersome cold, severe enough to justify going and being tested for COVID. Fortunately, the test result was exactly as I thought it would be:

Now that we’ve put that concern to rest, I’ve been deep diving into re-reads and edits on my novella, titled “The Shopkeeper”, hoping to get it ready to release. I would much prefer to find a publisher for it, but a novella is a hard sell for most publishers. It’s too short for a novel and too long for a short story, falling into that netherworld in between. I’ll continue looking (oh, if any publisher trips across this post and has any interest, please do say hello!) hoping to find a home for it, but I’ll also prep it for self-publishing, if it comes to that.

In other news, I’ve seen the cover for the forthcoming anthology titled “Inferno”, from the Infernal Clock series, edited by Stephanie Ellis and Alyson Faye. It looks amazing and will be released to the public soon. They base this collection on the circles and rings of Hell as described by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy. My contribution is titled “Great-Aunt Grace”, and is based on the first ring in the ninth, or deepest level of Hell, featuring Treachery to Family.

Old Gracie fits that bill, no worries there.

Disturbing factoid of the day – I was not aware that you’d receive your Medicare card in the month prior to your dreaded 65th birthday, and that coverage would begin on the first of the month in which your birthday falls, even if it falls on the last day of that month.

Seriously? Do we have to rush this? Can’t we put it on hold and leave it there for a while? I am NOT ready for this. Every time I saw something about Medicare, I never worried about it – after all, that’s for old people.


That’s it for now. I’m going to take an editing break and look for novella publishers now. That Doctor Sleep just started on HBO has nothing to do with my departure.

Sleep well…

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