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Trick or Treat?

That verdict will be in the beholder’s eye, and we’ll find out in due time. I spent some quality time this morning preparing a new release for Amazon Kindle that will drop on October 31st.

The perfect day, don’t you agree?

I had a rejection last night that disappointed me, as I was optimistic about the story in question. That left me with two choices – call it a day, stop submitting and write for my own enjoyment…


Screw it, we carry on and keep going! We continue to write, knowing that there ARE those readers who enjoy the work and find the means to get it out to them as soon as possible.

Obviously, the latter was the choice selected. Once KDP has done what they need to do with the cover and manuscript I sent, this title will be available for pre-order on Amazon.

It’s funny… I just had an idea the other day, a story about a reclusive author that couldn’t get an agent interested in his work at all, declaring it too strange, which leads him to publishing his own work, eventually developing a cult following.

Wonder where that inspiration stems from?

That one looms large. It’s going to be big, either a large novella or a novel, based on the backstory and all the events I’ve been scribbling in my notepad to incorporate into it, so it’ll take some time. My wife calls it my winter project, and she may well be right.

My coffee needs my attention now, before it gets too cold to enjoy.

Sleep well…

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