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The Eye

I revisited one of the earliest horror movies I’d ever seen this morning, 1958’s “The Trollenberg Terror” (released here in the US as “The Crawling Eye”), and it was an enjoyable blast from the past.

I was 3 when this came out, and although I don’t recall exactly when I saw it, I do know I was quite young at the time. This creature was very effective in my growing imagination, a huge, veiny, bulbous thing with that single malevolent eye scanning back and forth as it glides forward in a cloud. The tentacles seemed to be used more for grabbing than for motion, at least from the perspective we viewers had. I was already familiar with Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolf Man and the big guys like Godzilla and King Kong when I saw this, but I’d never seen anything quite like this slimy thing gliding forth toward the camera.

Yeah, it left an impression!

The effects weren’t as impressive when the creatures get fire bombed at the end, but our first look when it knocks the hotel doors down and a tentacle grabs the little girl in the hotel lobby was very effective. Forrest Tucker had a good turn as the leading man in this one, and the ensemble was solid in support in their roles, particularly the sisters we meet on the train in the beginning of the movie.

If you’ve never seen this one, make some popcorn and set up a matinee viewing when you get a chance!

As always, do sleep well…

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