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Happy Halloween, or as I refer to it, Open House Day. The day when the rest of the population acts and behaves as I do every day of the year. While the pandemic is certainly curtailing many traditional activities, there is still much to celebrate in the horror community.

First, my new novella, “The Shopkeeper: Curios, Curiosities and Rarities” is available for free today in the Kindle store at Amazon! I’ve chosen to make it a Halloween treat for those who’d like to give it a read. Click This Link For Yours!

Also, I received an email this morning with the final version of the full cover for “Inferno”, the forthcoming anthology collection from Stephanie Ellis and Alyson Faye. It’s based on Dante’s Inferno, and each story represents one of the levels of Hell in Dante’s work. I was invited to contribute a story for this release, and I wrote a new tale titled “Great-Aunt Grace” for my contribution. Needless to say, the lady in the title role plays a part with far less grace than her name might imply! I believe this is on track for a December/January release, barring any changes.

As you can see, there are many talented authors taking part, so I expect this to be a perfect candidate to be read by the light of day… in the dead of night, perhaps not so much.

You can find updates as they come in Stephanie’s blogs at

Sadly, there is one unfortunate trick to be mentioned among all these treats. It was announced this morning that Sir Sean Connery has passed away at 90 years of age. He was, and always will be, my image of James Bond, and leaves an impressive body of work beyond his Double-O duties as well.

Rest in Peace, Sir Sean.

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