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Daemonium Malum

The room was barren, except for the full-size bed, a small sink and a small table beside the wall. There were no curtains or blinds on the window, diffuse light from the cloudy sky outside the only light in the room. The man calmly adjusted his glasses and clasped his hands in front of him as the woman snapped her head to face him.

“You make my skin crawl,” the gray-haired woman hissed, the sheer loathing clear in her narrowed green eyes.

“If my hands were free, I’d rip your throat open and bathe in the warm flow of sweet victory, you pretentious bastard!”

The man remained still and silent, content to watch as she raged. She was nude, her wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts. The cords in her neck stood in sharp relief as she glared at her captor.

And so the tale begins… despite what you may think, this is not a crime drama. Of course, if you’re somewhat familiar with Latin, you already know that from the title.

No, this is a horror story, where one form of horror transcends to become another altogether, giving the original form a power it hadn’t previously possessed. This one is darker and more graphic than my usual.

In other news, I am no longer a donut virgin. I’ve had a MRI done, which revealed several tears in the meniscus of my left knee (along with the arthritis I didn’t need a procedure to be aware of), so we’re in the process of scheduling Arthroscopic surgery to repair the damaged tissue. This will be a new frontier, given that my sole previous experience with anything resembling a surgical procedure was having my tonsils removed in the late 1950s. Given that I will need a few weeks of physical therapy after the procedure is done, I can’t help but predict a story involving a torture chamber in the future.

Of course, whether we actually get the procedure done largely depends on the surge of COVID cases, and if they put all elective procedures in hold in order to free up necessary staff and resources. Such is the world we now live in.

In closing, I must say that life in the actual world is infinitely less stressful than wrapped in the swirl of antisocial media!

Sleep well…

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