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Tis The Season

As 2020 progressed and forever redefined insanity, I wondered if we’d actually make it through to the holiday celebrations at the end of the year, and yet… here we are.

Since we’ve made it, I’d like to wish all that read this a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and BETTER) new year.

Just to be clear, when I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, it’s not in the religious sense. It’s more in the spirit of hoping for peace and good will for all. I was raised a Catholic, but have not been practicing for a very long time now. Draconian rules and blatant hypocrisy just don’t sit well with me, so I’ll pass. Please accept my wishes in that spirit, no matter what holiday you observe based on your own faith and background, and all will be good.

To those who react to the phrase “Merry Christmas” by yelling they’re offended, well that’s your problem, not mine. Given that I am the most politically INcorrect person I know, I’ll just advise those people not to let the door hit them in the ass on the way out and leave it there. Maybe a special Santa will pay them a visit on my behalf?

I hope that some of my friends still on antisocial media might see this, and share it with “the gang”, as I miss those good folks and hope the new year brings them wonderful changes after all we’ve endured this year. We all need that so much!

So, I had a chat with the fat man with the white beard… yes; I was looking in the mirror… and he suggested that it would be appropriate to drop a little something down the chimney for those who are reading this post. In that spirit, I will post a link here, which will remain in place until Saturday, December 26th. I’ll ask you to click the link between now and then because I don’t know where your chimney is, I’m way too old to be climbing on a roof, and ain’t no way I’m gonna fit in a chimney! Grab it while you can, because once Christmas passes, it’s down.

The link has now expired, 9 PM on December 26. I hope anyone who had a chance enjoys what they found!

So, a Merry Christmas to all, and to all… sleep well. Time to leave now, I have calls to make…

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