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Op Ed

Not the sort of thing I generally choose to write about in these posts, but I felt compelled to vent.

In a page right out of the Twitter playbook, news outlets seem to be taking delight in using their most somber tones to deliver the news that a Boston doctor had a severe allergic reaction to Moderna’s COVID vaccine, needing to use his Epi pen and then go to the hospital for treatment.

Note – “HIS Epi pen.”

Last I heard, an Epi pen is only available by prescription for those patients who suffer extreme allergic reactions, and might be put in a life-threatening situation without it.

I don’t have an Epi pen in my desk, and most people I know don’t have one either. And, by some remarkable coincidence, most people don’t suffer adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Whoda thunk it?

Funny how the reporters emphasize that salacious headline with little or no reference to the doctor’s history of severe allergies, isn’t it? I mean, if they delivered the whole story, all facts intact, it wouldn’t have that “Oomph!” factor that is clearly their bread and butter.

But what if those dramatic headlines convince people to avoid the vaccine? “Look at him, and he’s a doctor? Not for me, thank you very much! And then, if any of those people contract the coronavirus, very possibly ending up on a ventilator breathing for them, or worse? Would those newscasters feel any remorse or guilt for possibly having played a part in in contributing to yet another family’s darkest hour?

Probably not. After all, the higher the numbers go, the more dramatically they can be read on air.

How did we become so absolutely pathetic?

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